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September 16, 2016
Shall we play some chess?

Our Beautiful Poco Loco Hotel is one of the most artisan accommodations in Chania’s old town.

It’s located at the heart of the Old Town of Chania

It is a three-floor property with 5 very spacious apartments.

On the ground floor of the building, there is an elegant open-air space where our guests can enjoy upon request a full breakfast either international or with local products.

It’s an ideal place for people who want to add a quiet, alternative, relaxing and artistic style of accommodation in our wonderful town.

In every place of our Hotel, you can find beautiful handmade art objects which are all made from us and our love to provide our guests with the best aesthetic experience in our place.

Here are some photos of the art objects of our entrance, lobby and bar/lounge cafe.



A clever and beautiful way to make a flower pot out of a boot!



                                                                  A “Good Morning” (in Greek) sign!



Wooden art on the wall.



Homemade chairs painted with funky colors



Our homemade wooden library, ideal for book lovers!



A mosaic construction on the wall, with the name of our Hotel, Poco Loco.



Colored sign on the door, rooms for everyone ! :)



Homemade integrated chess table, ideal for table games lovers!



Homemade sculptured wooden sign for our Reception/Library spot.



Homemade chairs painted with the name and logo of our Hotel!



Colorful chairs in our lounge cafe!




Our mosaic wall,in the lounge cafe of our hotel.



Our amazing chess table game!



Beautifully decorated and sculptured rocks.



Painted and sculptured rocks.



One of our Chess tables!





Wooden art on the wall.



An amazing idea for making a flower pot, out of a metallic object.


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